Sunday, February 26, 2012

A New Blog About Fairbanks, Alaska

Robin and Ziggy and I have now arrived in the chilly northern reaches of the country, where we will be until mid-June. It’s been a balmy 10°F the past few days, with a lovely, light snow falling at times. Ziggy has taken to the new clime like the Jack Russell she is; her new name is the Snow Dog.

at Creamer’s Field, Fairbanks
[photo: Elizabeth Shapland]

We’ve started a new blog, entitled Fairbanks Dreaming, which will detail our non-eating, singing, and riding experiences while in Alaska. But stay tuned here, too, for posts about the afore-mentioned subjects.


  1. And here I was, worrying about Ziggy...

  2. Putin wants "Russian Alaska" now... I hate it!